All Pakistan Oil Mills Association

All Pakistan Oil Mills Association

All Pakistan Oil Mills Association


My Dear Members,

I on behalf of myself, my colleagues and all the members of the All Pakistan Oil Mills Association feel proud to give my message on this website.

While doing so I wish to record the appreciation of the keenness of the Government to study closely the problems and attainments of Oil Millers and Expellers for future development, cooperation, and better achievements for the prosperity and welfare of the people and Oil Mill industry in Pakistan.

Cotton Seed Oil is a basic requirement of life needs no emphasis to treat this commodity with velvet gloves so that the prosperity of the country is achieved and the interest of the oil millers and expellers is safeguarded. Although Pakistan has earned for itself a vantage position amongst the cotton oilseed growing countries of the world with definite signs of improvement during the past years. Yet it needs a complete overhaul based on an analytical study and adoption of technical measures for the improvement of the whole oil mill industry.

It is a matter of great appreciation that since last many years the production of cottonseed oil has steadily been improved. I feel no hesitation to state that remarkable cooperation has been extended by my members, friends, and expellers from all over Pakistan that is why ever since the standard of oil milling in Pakistan has shown definite sign of further improvement and embarked upon an era of maintaining higher standard of expelling which has brought good name to Pakistan in the community of oil mill industry which is evident from the fact that our efforts in promoting the standard/ grade of cottonseed oil have improved but this is not an end. There is still room for further improvement to which we are doing our best.

We are going along with the Government’s proposals and strategy and struggling fully to increase the production of cotton seed crops by supporting our growers many more than that announced by the Government. I am confident that my friends will adopt the entire possible means and measures to work for the production of high-quality cottonseed oil which will name Pakistan as the best producer’s country, all over the world.